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tracsion is the Performance Marketing arm of bluTonic.

Through mobile and desktop markets, tracsion connects pre-qualified consumers to the most relevant brands.

The market is growing at a fast pace and tracsion ensures that all components flow smoothly, generating a seamless user experience. tracsion matches advertiser campaigns with the most qualified and trustworthy publishers. We validate each publisher with numerous questions and performance metrics to ensure that our network is composed of top affiliates. Our scalable solutions can be tailored around any industry, vertical or online business model. We continue to power the world's largest brands, from affiliate networks to large enterprise advertisers.


Connect With The Largest Brands in Your Vertical.

tracsion connects you with the world largest brands within your vertical market. Support is available 24/7 and we have great customer service.

We want to ensure that our publishers have the greatest offers that are available in the market. We listen to our publishers and connect their traffic sources to relevant campaigns, yielding higher returns.

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Link With High-Caliber Affiliate Marketers.

tracsion links high-caliber affiliate marketers who provide mail, display and search traffic on a performance basis. Advertisers have the ability to select from a range of carefully vetted traffic sources who specialize in the market of choice.

tracsion can scale your current online initiatives or help with the expansion of lucrative markets. Here are our methods to help you achieve these goals:

  • Organic search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Paid search engine marketing (PPC - Pay Per Click)
  • E-mail marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Mobile marketing

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Only Pay for Real, Actionable Results

With tracsion, you will only pay for real, actionable results.

CPI (cost per install): tracsion offers traffic for iOS and Android platforms, in over a dozen markets.

CPA/CPL (cost per action/lead): tracsion specializes in a wide variety of verticals in the English speaking markets that include: insurance, education, finance, retail discounts, and travel.

tracsion has the ability to acquire both incentivized customers or non-incentivized consumers, based on your needs.

Co-registrations (CPL):  ask about our co-registration program which operates with a network of internal and partner sites, allowing users to opt-in to various offers according to interest and preference.  The lead data collected can range from simple email and name, to more complex forms requiring IP, Address, Location, Gender, Age, Personal Interest, Financial Information and Family Background.

Each lead is validated, using a multi-point verification system, using 3rd party social media data.


Los Angeles, CA

tracsion was founded in Los Angeles, California as the performance arm of bluTonic in December 2013.  Tracsion manages a portfolio composed of agencies, affiliate networks, publishers, education institutions, insurance brokers and mobile developers.

tracsion’s full time sales associates, campaign managers, and accounting staff is dedicated to expanding successful partnerships with advertisers and affiliates.  tracsion is supported by bluTonic’s internal media buying team and experienced executive staff who continue to engage in honest and fair business.

Our clients get treated with the up-most respect and dignity, because that's how it should be.


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